Yellow, Cream and White Orchids: Dendrobium speciosum

It is a most fabulous season for the Dendrobium speciosums this year, there is no other word for it, they are putting on a massive show whenever I see them, and they seem to be everywhere all of a sudden, many of them in non native gardens which is always great to see. The main thing I have noticed this time around is the range of different colours, from deep yellow through to pure white. The ones in the photos below were almost white.


Here you can see them planted as a border edge, they look great spilling over and make a wonderful feature, whether mass planted or as a singular clump. Dendrobium speciosum also do really well in containers or pots as they love being root bound like most orchids or you can simply plop them on a rock with a little bit of soil or spagnum moss and they will attach themselves quite quickly. They can also be tied to trees trunks or stumps with wire, this is a great way of making something of an old stump.

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