Soft Feathery Grass: Baloskion tetraphyllum

I tend to use a lot of grasses in my gardens, I am not totally reliant on them and can manage without, however I mostly use plants with a weeping, soft appearance, and grasses are valuable in creating texture and contrast in a garden. This is Baloskion tetraphyllum, one of my favourites for its vibrant colour and interesting stems.

P1060182It has a wonderful vase shaped habit when young, and new growth comes up like miniature bamboo stems. When it is flowering and setting seed it is covered in a reddish brown haze on the top.

P1020664Baloskion tetraphyllum can get quite massive like some of the exotic ornamental grasses that I also love. It will grow happily as a wetland plant or just in heavy moist clay, just make sure you give it enough space and it will reward you with its feature worthy habit.

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