Two toned toughie: Eremophila racemosa ‘Peaches and Cream’

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This hardy little shrub is aptly named for its two toned flowers, this Emu bush has yellow flower buds which once open change colour to white…get it peaches and cream … boom ching! Anyway cliche plant breeder names aside this is number seven in my memorable Eremophila line up.

Eremophila racemosa ‘Peaches and Cream’ is a great little low growing shrub, it reaches around 1 metre high x 1 metre wide and flowers in Spring and Autumn, although this particular one was a little confused as these photos are taken in Summer. The same species is growing 2 metres away and it setting fruit, see the image below.

Eremophila racemosa ‘Peaches and Cream’ is a toughie that has a long flowering period attracting birds and bees, it is a quick growing shrub which enjoys full sun to part shade and is unconcerned by wind or extended dry periods.

The plants in this blog post were planted as part of a hedge along a driveway, the Eremophila is the shorter growing of the other screening plants used. It is doing a great job of filling out the lower part of the screen and also is happy to mingle with its neighbours.

Please do regularly tip prune your Eremophilas and this one is no different, a regular chop will only improve flowering and stop the plant getting leggy and straggly especially if you are growing it in a more shaded position. So if you are after a bee and small bird attracting filler to brighten up a dull corner pop in an Eremophila racemosa ‘Peaches and Cream’, it can only bring you joy!





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