Red and White: Angophora hispida

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Reds and whites are out at the moment on two native trees, this photo is of the dwarf Angophora, Angophora hispida. This is a beautiful small tree that buds up in furry red clusters for a month before the cream flowers come out, I love the rusty reds this tree produces and even better when you get the reds and whites together.

Below you can see how contrasting the red buds are compared to the leaves, not the best photo I’m sorry, but it gives you an idea of habit and height. Angophora hispida will grow between 2 and 4 metres, depending on how deep the soil is, it can be seen as a small shrub on growing around sydney sandstone areas.



I also love the spiral leaf arrangement and the lime green new growth, it really is a colourful tree, and such a great size for small gardens.
The other red and white flowering native tree is of course the NSW Christmas Bush, photos of that yet to come, it blooms in white and then the  calyx enlarges and turns red and papery, looking like four or five petals. Photos to come soon.


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