I have been away a little bit lately, well more away from my garden than anywhere else. So I haven’t been noticing all the details, just madly rushing about planting, watering and spending more time in other peoples gardens than my own. So when I returned home on the weekend I was greeted by the most wonderful sight!

My Calothamnus quadrifidus has a whole bunch of flowers! hooray! I love this plant, it ticks all the boxes for me, grows in dry shade under large eucalypts, doesn’t mind clay or wind and has lovely soft fluffy grey foliage! plus it flowers on the old wood, making it interesting looking and great for small birds, who can get in the centre and have a feast but be hidden whilst doing so.The other surprise flower was on my Casuarina nana, it’s a girl! meaning it has these deep red flowers growing along the stems which are actually quite visible if you stop and take a look, especially with the sun on them, they glow. I love Casuarinas, but as my garden is pretty much treed out I am going to test the dwarf she-oaks, so far they are great, super fast growers and wind, flood, and drought tolerant! It will be intresting to see if I get fruit.


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