I went to the Grevillea Park  in Bulli on the weekend, I haven’t been for over a year and was delighted to find something new and exciting as always! They have created a big impact planting with a dozen or so concrete pipes, which are overflowing with a beautiful selection of natives. In the centre is Eucalyptus ‘Blue Veil’, a weeping ground-cover form of the River Red Gum, one day I would like to grow this as a hanging screen…..one day.

This is Hakea ‘Burrendong Beauty’ above, in full bloom, isn’t it magnificent?

Below you can see its spreading and weeping habit and how perfectly it is suited to growing in a raised bed or large container like this.

P1060665The pipes were in two groups and all at varying heights, they are also a mirror image of each other in terms of planting and layout.

P1060678Here you can see some mounding forms of Scaevola spps. and Chrysocephalum apps., I love the way they are clumping over the edges and theres great foliage contrast too.

P1060683More Chrysocephalum spps. reaching the ground, also squeezed in there on the left is a Persoonia chamaepitys, must be happy it is almost touching the ground too.

P1060662This is one of my favourite pipes, Grevillea ‘Cooroora Gold Cascade’ with an underplanting of Acacia howittii ‘Green Wave’ which is almost completely covering the concrete, such a soft delicate leaf.

P1060686And last but not least Acacia baileyana prostrate, with its feathery blue grey foliage and in full bud for the winter!P1060684


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