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  • Bulli Grevillea Park: Banksia ‘Bush Candles’

    Bulli Grevillea Park: Banksia ‘Bush Candles’

    This is an amazing mass planting of Banksia spinulosa ‘Bush Candles’ at Bulli Grevillea Park which I re-visited last weekend. I remember when these were planted and how truly underwhelming this garden bed appeared, so it was so lovely to see them all beginning to fill out and flowering their heads off.   Like most…

  • Grevillea Park pipes

    Grevillea Park pipes

    I went to the Grevillea Park ┬áin Bulli on the weekend, I haven’t been for over a year and was delighted to find something new and exciting as always! They have created a big impact planting with a dozen or so concrete pipes, which are overflowing with a beautiful selection of natives. In the centre…