Bulli Grevillea Park: Banksia ‘Bush Candles’

This is an amazing mass planting of Banksia spinulosa ‘Bush Candles’ at Bulli Grevillea Park which I re-visited last weekend. I remember when these were planted and how truly underwhelming this garden bed appeared, so it was so lovely to see them all beginning to fill out and flowering their heads off.



Like most of the Banksia spinulosa Dwarf varieties ‘Bush Candles’ gets to about half a metre high by about 1 metres wide, it will grow well as an understory plant as seen here under the canopy of large Eucalypts.



The Dwarf Banksias can be very slow growing and it takes some patience to let them establish in your garden, but it is well worth the wait. They also make an excellent small feature shrub as the flowers are long lived and their habit adds a strong visual element.



The Bulli Grevillea Park is open on selected weekends throughout the year, they also sell some interesting native plants and are well with a visit.


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