This is a garden that was a quick consultation a month back for a Pre-school in Sydney. It is a memorial garden for a well loved teacher that passed away, and it was such a pleasure to be involved in this gardens becoming. 

This is Laura’s garden and has been built in an un-used raised play space at the rear of the outdoor area of the school. It was created to provide a calm corner to retreat to and remember Laura, it is filled with plants that have blue flowers as this was her favourite colour.

P1080011I also used some purple and mauve flowering species as blue is not that common in natives….The site is very shady, underneath some established palms and as it is raised it was also fairly dry and compacted. It has soft fall originally, that was removed and replaced with some large pavers, that can be decorated later on down the track.

P1080037The wine barrels are full of bush tuckers species and will also provide enough easy access planting space for the kids to add thier own seeds and flowers for Laura.

P1080041It was so wonderful having the kids watch the garden being built and then they were all so keen to explore it and have an input, the teachers did an excellent job of explaining about the plants and their needs and I look forward to being sent more photos of this garden as it matures under some very loving hands.


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