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  • Bee Friendly Gardening

    Bee Friendly Gardening

    Bees play an important role in our ecosystem and we rely heavily on them to pollinate our food crops and our native bushland, not to mention supply us with delicious honey. There are over 1,500 native bee species in Australia with a whole host of interesting shapes and forms. Bees feed on nectar nestled within…

  • Bush Tucker Under-Dog: Dianella caerulea

    Bush Tucker Under-Dog: Dianella caerulea

    This season is the first time I have had a decent flush of fruit on my Dianella caerulea and I have been pleasantly surprised by the taste, although it doesn’t hit the same spot as the midyim berry, it is actually tasty enough for me to pick and munch on whilst in the garden.

  • Portfolio: Memorial Garden

    Portfolio: Memorial Garden

    This is a garden that was a quick consultation a month back for a Pre-school in Sydney. It is a memorial garden for a well loved teacher that passed away, and it was such a pleasure to be involved in this gardens becoming. 

  • Sesame Seed flavoured Flax

    Sesame Seed flavoured Flax

    This is Linum marginale seeds or fruit, it has a lovely blue flower but I am more drawn to the dried seed pods left on the stalks after flowering.