Shady Lilly Pilly: Syzygium wilsonii

There are so many Lilly Pillys around, different cultivars, that apparently grow faster, thicker, thinner, redder and so on, they are used for hedging everywhere (which is great, far better than Murraya) and can be a little over done. This one is Syzygium wilsonii and it is amazing for a few reasons, firstly it has the most stunning pink new growth, big fat fleshy leaves that droop down and look very exotic and are showy enough to brighten up a dark corner.

Secondly it will grow in deep shade and still put out amazing bright pink powder puff flowers, and last but not least it has a wonderful weeping habit making it a perfect feature tree or shrub OR a great height for fence screening as seen below.


This one was so weeping it was spilling over the raised bed it was planted in, they can be shaped to have a trunk and look more like a tree and will also grow in full sun if water is adequate.

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    Hello. Great little write up on the shady lilly pilly. Just wondering if those lovely little flowers might drop needles everywhere when the wind blows ? Thanks

    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Tony,

      If you mean the stamens on the Lilly pilly flower? then yes, these fluffy flowers will drop at some point…



    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Dennis,

      Yes they do fruit but the fruits are white rather than the deep pinks we think of in most Lilly Pilly’s. I am not sure about S. wilsonii’s edibility. Several online sources say that they can be eaten but that they are quite sour raw. If you want to give them a go I would try cooking/stewing them with some sugar first perhaps.

      Let me know how you go,

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