Remember daisies make you happy! Xerochrysum ‘Dargan Hill Monarch’

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I need a little cheering up today, and although I have hundreds of interesting plant and landscape design photos from my recent Victorian trip I just need to share some sunny happiness in the form of yellow native daisies, bear with me …

The paper daisy in the above photos is Xerochrysum ‘Dargan Hill Monarch’ and my current favourite, it has large soft grey green furry leaves and bright yellow flowers with deep yellow centres. It grows to form a low dense shrub of between 0.5 to 1metre tall and 1 metre spread, and if kept pruned will continue to flower through most of the year.

Xerochrysum ‘Dargan Hill Monarch’ requires a well drained soil in full sun to part shade and likes to be dead headed, there is also a lemon flowered form available which is equally as stunning. Please see the poor image below …

Another of my favourites which is very easy to grow but incredibly satisfying is Chrysocephalum apiculatum or Yellow Buttons. This tiny flowered spreading native also belongs in the daisy family and has the same colour scheme as the Xerochrysum ‘Dargan Hill Monarch’.

In the image above you can see  Chrysocephalum apiculatum mass planted as a border to a pathway, this will flower year round and just requires a light prune when it gets a bit sparse and leggy.
I hope these yellow flowers have lifted your spirits as they have mine, more impressive plant images to come 😉


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