Try growing Actinotus helianthi, its not so hard…

Yes, it was only a matter of time before I finally sung the praise of Flannel Flowers, how could I resist? I have so many photos of them in my database, however mainly of them in the bush, these were in a domestic garden in southern sydney, growing happily under some large Grevilleas. These are seed grown non-hybrids and were planted as tubes.

Contrary to what many will tell you, they are easy to grow, even in a heavy soil, just stick to the straight species and you’ll be ok. Plant them in dry shade and try not to pamper them too much, in the bush they grow in a very gravelly soil as an under storey, but you can still grow them in clay, I put some tube-stock in underneath the shade of a large Eucalyptus and they thrived.

P1070753They can also self seed or sucker and you may see them coming up again and again in the same spot….if you are lucky

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