Easy to grow WA species: Melaleuca incana

I would so love to have a garden in Western Australia, all the interesting natives I could grow Eucalyptus macrocarpa,¬†Banksia coccinea, Macropedia fulignosa….ahhh but we always want what we can’t have….

So I continue to trail things in my heavy clay, coastal garden with our east coast humid summer and some WA species will grow quite happily here, like Melaleuca incana.

P1070718Mine is growing in part shade which has made it a little more open than you would usually see them, but it still flowers its head off even with the lack of sun. I love this plant as it fits the soft weeping habit I like with the grey green foliage, making it a beautiful contrast plant in the garden. It also can have the lower branches pruned off to make it look like a small feature tree.

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