I went back to this front Terrace garden in Glebe a couple of weeks ago to do some follow up work; re-mulching and pruning and I was struck again by how quickly the garden is filling out, it is still under a year old and already you can see the structure as the plants begin to fulfil their various roles.



I originally approached this space as though it was over all quite shady, however as the months have gone by it has revealed itself to be almost contradictory on either side of the path. The image above is of the heavily shaded side and everything is growing exceptionally well there, far more so than on the other side of the path. Also doing well on the shady side are the Dianella ‘Little Jess’ and Hardenbergia violacea which was budding up beautifully despite the lack of sun. Above you can see it on the front fence and in the large pot on the left.


There has been a couple of loses on this side, a Westringia ‘Deep Purple’ and some of the white flowering Tetratheca, also some things like the Pimelea ‘White Jewel’ are just not so happy with the extra sun. Its interesting how even in a small garden like this you still have the little micro-climates.



This little pocket under the existing Banksia serrata is a good example, it is morning to mid-day sun with afternoon shade and because the Banksia is quite large the soil is dry here, the perfect spot for growing Flannel Flowers (Actinotus helianthi).


One of the standout plants in this garden is the Philotheca difformis, seen above it is covered in dainty white star flowers and has a beautiful scent. It is being used here as a second story screen between the Prostanthera ‘Minty’ and Dianella.



In the above image you can see the lush green foliage of Pimelea ‘White Jewel’ this plant is another feature in this garden, it has flowered for almost 6 months straight through spring/summer and now is resting. Below is a shot of it in all its glory.



For images of this garden in the beginning https://malleedesign.com.au/glebe-native-garden-blitz/



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  1. Carolyn

    A very informative follow up.
    A lovely garden. There are some great Pimeleas around, I love how the smaller butterflies are attracted to them.

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