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  • Australian Native Plants in Japan

    Australian Native Plants in Japan

    It was inevitable that I wouldn’t be able to turn off my native plant nerd brain whilst overseas in Japan last month…. I tried, I really did. I took photos of Japanese plants, seed pods and flowers and researched after visiting the gardens and temples. BUT every Australian plant seemed to call out to me…

  • Bee Friendly Gardening

    Bee Friendly Gardening

    Bees play an important role in our ecosystem and we rely heavily on them to pollinate our food crops and our native bushland, not to mention supply us with delicious honey. There are over 1,500 native bee species in Australia with a whole host of interesting shapes and forms. Bees feed on nectar nestled within…

  • Screening with Hardenbergia violacea

    Screening with Hardenbergia violacea

    This climber always surprises me every year with how aptly it lives up to its common name of Happy Wanderer. The little pea flower spikes really do have tiny smiling faces with bright green eyes. Hardenbergia violacea is a local native climber or scrambler to most of the east coast of Australia, growing naturally on…

  • It’s Happy Wanderer Time: Hardenbergia violacea

    It’s Happy Wanderer Time: Hardenbergia violacea

    When in flower this hardy vine or ground cover easily lives up to its common name of ‘Happy Wanderer’, the dainty pea flowers occur in purple, white and pink with a few extra colour combinations in between. Hardenbergia is a very small genus but is now widespread in cultivation due to a number of very successful cultivars. In…

  • Portfolio: Glebe Re-visited

    Portfolio: Glebe Re-visited

    I went back to this front Terrace garden in Glebe a couple of weeks ago to do some follow up work; re-mulching and pruning and I was struck again by how quickly the garden is filling out, it is still under a year old and already you can see the structure as the plants begin…

  • Weed suppression with ground covers

    Weed suppression with ground covers

    Here are a few ground covers that can go absolutely rampant but in a great way! The first one is Kennedia rubicunda growing as a bit of a spill over to cover up an embankment. This will grow in quite heavy shade and has a pretty little red pea flower.