It’s Happy Wanderer Time: Hardenbergia violacea

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When in flower this hardy vine or ground cover easily lives up to its common name of ‘Happy Wanderer’, the dainty pea flowers occur in purple, white and pink with a few extra colour combinations in between. Hardenbergia is a very small genus but is now widespread in cultivation due to a number of very successful cultivars.
In the image above you can see two ground cover forms the white is Hardenbergia ‘Flat White’ and the purple behind it is Hardenbergia ‘Sweet Heart’.

The flowers on the prostrate forms tend to stand up vertically from the stems, adding to is vibrant showy apprearance. Hardenbergia ‘Flat White has a smaller darker green leaf than the traditional vine and enjoys a full sun to part shade position.

This is Hardenbergia ‘Sweet Heart’ (one of my favourites) I love the big heart shaped leaf and its super vigorous habit. It is great for covering large areas and makes a dense weed suppressing mat.

The ground cover Hardenberigas also make excellent spill-over plants, cascading down rocks or over retaining walls, they are also capable of climbing fences! I have found that although Hardenbergia likes a well drained soil it does perform much better with regular watering, the flowers are few and far between when the plant is left to dry out.

In the image above straight species Hardenbergia violacea is grown as a low shrub, there is a lot of variance in the leaf size and shape on this species. Sometimes the leaves are long and narrow this will depend on where the original plant material was sourced from.
So there you have it, now it is a choice of whether you want to grow it as a vine or climber, ground cover or a low shrub, then you need to decide on the colour…..happy wondering!


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