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  • Portfolio: Bondi Consult

    Portfolio: Bondi Consult

    This garden was a simple consult and then a couple of weekends of intensive clearing out by the client, then I came in for the fun part 🙂 Two large Frangipani trees shade the west facing front garden in Summer but let the well needed sun through in winter, it is practically illegal to remove…

  • Portfolio: Glebe Re-visited

    Portfolio: Glebe Re-visited

    I went back to this front Terrace garden in Glebe a couple of weeks ago to do some follow up work; re-mulching and pruning and I was struck again by how quickly the garden is filling out, it is still under a year old and already you can see the structure as the plants begin…

  • Favourites for Shady Planting: Leionema ‘Green Screen’

    Favourites for Shady Planting: Leionema ‘Green Screen’

    I collect a lot of favourites for shady planting, it has become somewhat of a hobby to find natives that will grow in difficult shady spots. Dry shade, moist shade, windy shade, winter shade and summer sun…..screening for shade, you get the picture. So this is one of my new discoveries, Leionema ‘Green Screen’ I…