Tough as nails: Actinotus helianthi

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It was bound to happen at some stage, I am beginning to double up on topics on my blog posts argh! it is slightly annoying but at the same time I am learning more about native plants all the time too 😉
I previously covered the Flannel Flower here :
and honestly believed that Actinotus helianthi grows best in part shade, HA how wrong can I be?!



I went camping on the central coast last week and this is what I found, aren’t native plants amazing? they surprise me constantly.



These flannel flowers are growing on a steep coastal cliff which is made up of crumbly, gravelly soil, they are doing better than the Bitou bush! As they cope with strong salt laden winds you can see how they are growing almost as a ground cover rather than a small shrub. In the image below they are also growing on a headland, however they have protection from taller species like Banksia serrata, Casuarina sp. and Leptospermums.



So where does this leave me on advising where to grow them? the soil is the key, it needs to be very well drained and if not then provide them with some shade. Goodluck!


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