Something a little different: Stenanthemum scortechinii

This little low growing native shrub has many common names Cotton Bush, Snow Balls, Corroboree, salt and pepper to name a few …. it is also known as Stenanthemum scortechinii or Cryptandra scortechinii or even Spyridium whatever the name it is a native plant which has a lot to offer.

Stenanthemum scortechinii covers itself in these white ball shaped flowers in Winter through to Spring and it becomes hard to miss. The flowers are attractive to native bees, butterflies and small birds and will light up your garden in the cooler months.

This is a compact low shrub reaching uptown .7m high x 0.7m wide, it responds well to tip pruning after flowering to ensure it remains dense and doesn’t get open and leggy.

2 replies on “Something a little different: Stenanthemum scortechinii”

  1. Carolyn Martin on

    Where can I buy one and a grafted purple haze must be able to grow in part shade

    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Carolyn,

      Sorry for the delayed response. What state are you in? That will factor into where you’ll be able to buy. I know Wildtech online nursery usually stocks the species –

      All the best,

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