The delicate floral leaves of Spyridium parvifolium

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This year I have become somewhat obsessed with native shrubs that have a tendency towards growing in part to full shade and have rusty, furry leaves or flowers. I am always looking for plants that are happy with a little shade and have a certain texture to their foliage, Spyridium parvifolium is one of them.

The tiny white flower hasn’t quite come out on the specimen in these images, what you can see are the leaves that surround the flower have turned a pretty frosted white.

The flowers themselves will have a honey scent and occur right on the tips of each branch. Spyridium parvifolium grows to around 1-2 metres tall and the same wide, it responds well to regular tip pruning to keep a compact habit.

It contrasts well with other native shrubs due to its interesting leaf colour, and makes a good cottage garden plant. It is also frost tolerant as many of our softly hairy, small-leaved plants are, and it grows naturally throughout the more southern sates of Australia.
Spyridium parvifolium is an extremely variable plant dependent on where its natural habitat is located, there are a number of different forms , a low form from NSW is available commercially.

Spyridium parvifolium would make an excellent low screen or hedge or used as an understory plant in difficult positions. It looks great planted with other shade loving shrubs like Phebaliums, Stenanthemum and Leionema, stay tuned for more posts on furry posts plants!


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