shady planting


This is a great example of colourful planting in shade, it is a simple combination of Baekea virgata dwarf, Indigofera australis and Thryptomene FC Payne. The Baekea is the lime green mound on the left which naturally looks like it Read more ›

Weed suppression with ground covers


Here are a few ground covers that can go absolutely rampant but in a great way! The first one is Kennedia rubicunda growing as a bit of a spill over to cover up an embankment. This will grow in quite Read more ›

Spear Lily: Doryanthes palmeri


This is Doryanthes palmeri or the Spear Lily, a striking feature plant similar to the Gymea Lily except that it has a flower spike that leans over and isn’t spherical and the foliage is less clumping and more linear.  Read more ›

Over Planting


I love the combination of native plants in this tiny front garden and if my front garden was tiny i too would probably try to cram as many of my favourite plants in as possible. However this garden is over-planted, Read more ›

Carpeting groundcover


Myopororum parvifolium is seen here as a layered dense ground cover planted on mass that is also a spill over. Here it is also working as a lawn substitute, and would be lovely to play or lay on. Read more ›

Grafted Eucalyptus ficifolia


This is Eucalyptus ‘Summer Red’ one of the best grafted Eucalyptus ficifolia, it has the largest leaf which is long and falcate to lanceolate shaped looking like a very traditional Eucalypt shape, but is also lush looking. Read more ›

Dense Cycads


Macrozamias as far as the eye can see, it is so amazing witnessing what a dense understory these plants make, it is impossible to walk through even to get a better photo much to my frustration. Read more ›

Grey ground cover


Acacia baileyana prostrate or the Cootamundra wattle ground cover makes a stunning display and looks great planted under Eucalypts like this one especially with the dark bark of the Ironbark. Read more ›