Dense Cycads

Macrozamias as far as the eye can see, it is so amazing witnessing what a dense understory these plants make, it is impossible to walk through even to get a better photo much to my frustration.

This is Macrozamia communis otherwise known as Burrawang, I don’t normally go in for common names but that one is fun to say, growing down the south coast near Broulee. I love the forest down there especially when it is just the Macrozamias with the magnificent Eucalyptus maculata as the canopy.


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  1. Ben McInnes on

    Love the cycads too, especially interesting that they were abundant when the dinosaurs roamed. Spectacular with massive seed cones. Recently enjoyed seeing lots of them in the bush around the Shoalhaven River, in the wild country West of Nowra, NSW. They make the eucalypt dominated bushland seem more rainforest like.

    • Kath Gadd on

      Exactly! they make the dry old bush where they like to grow, in the sand, seem luscious and fertile, its a great contradiction really. Thats why I love our bush, it is never as it seems…

  2. donna on

    wow,spectacular cycades . they are much nicer to see than bare ground in the bush.
    will they grow in my garden that is sandy but improved soil on bore water rich in minerals in the toowoomba/ millmerran area on the darling downs?
    it has low rainfall and i water established plants once a week as have to cart bore water. i can grow some plants here like jacaranda that self seed, cycad revoluta, cardboard fern with a bit of extra watering, palms and natives like bottlebrush and grevillea, and boab, including grass trees and bromilliads and agapanthus.

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