World Bee Day: Plant Three for the Bees!

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Today is World Bee Day and the slogan of ‘Plant Three for the Bees’ is like a call to action! Anyone with an outdoor space can plant three bee friendly plants, even if they are in pots or containers. Calling all gardeners, please think of our important pollinators when selecting plants for your outdoor space.

In the photo above you can see a blue banded bee with its bottom in a Wahlenbergia stricta flower, in the image below there is a tiny native bee feeding on the luscious yellow flower of the Pomaderris lanigera.

By Thor Hanson

“Bees are like oxygen:
ubiquitous, essential, and, for the most part, unseen
but they lie at the heart of relationships
that bind the human and the natural worlds.” 

The three native plants shown in this blog post are attractive to both native bees and honey bees. Please also see my recent post on Bee Friendly gardening.

Prostanthera cuneata

Prostanthera cuneata or Alpine Mint bush copes with frost and snow and flowers throughout the Summer months, it has a beautiful mint bush scent and the white flowers with their purple throat are very attractive to pollinators.

Please see the following organisations who are doing important work to raise awareness on the plight of our pollinators: World Bee Day and Act for Bees


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