The Very Loveable Parsley Bush: Lomatia silaifolia

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This is Lomatia silaifolia or Parsley Bush, a very under-utilised plant in most native gardens, I include Lomatia in many of my gardens as it grows in shade or full sun, it is a reliable when it comes to flowering and grows very quickly. Many people look at Lomatia and think it is a Grevillea, it does belong to the Proteacea family and has similar leaf structure and flower spikes.


Lomatia silaifolia is found growing naturally all through eastern NSW, it is widespread in heathland areas, sclerophyll forest and on the coast and tablelands. Above is an image of it growing in a full sun position with a dry well drained soil, it has been lightly tip pruned but I suspect it would be just as thick without pruning.
Below is an image of it also flowering its head off in a heavily shaded position, if planting in shade make sure it is a well drained soil and not damp shade.


Lomatia silaifolia grows to approximately 1 to 1.5 metres high and roughly the same width, the bees and butterflies adore this plant and when in full flower the whole shrub will be humming with activity.

Lomatia silaifolia

The intircate details of the flowers are incredible, can see why the bees and insects love this plant. Out in the wild this plant is a source of food for swamp wallabies and apparently bringing cut flowers inside will trap and kill flies, if you’ve had experience of this let us know.

Can be pruned heavily after flowering or leave for the plant to fruit in a dry brown pod opening to winged seeds. This plant will reshoot from the base after bushfire.


4 responses to “The Very Loveable Parsley Bush: Lomatia silaifolia”

  1. It’s nice to find a bee attracting plant that will flower in both sun and shade….a lovely plant.

  2. Ann

    I love them mine very heavy with flower needs a prune but too many bees will leave them have a feed pruning can wait.

  3. Karin

    I only just discovered this. It was in a client’s garden and it was love at first sight. As you said, I thought it was a grevillea. Thanks for the great information.

  4. S P Hurley

    delightful discovery of “new” plant sun shade & grows eastern Oz Ta I’ll search it out

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