Shade-loving Ornamental Grass: Libertia paniculata

This is the first time I have seen Libertia paniculata growing naturally in the bush, I was quite taken aback to see it flowering and spreading out naturally almost like it had been mass planted. It truly is super hardy, even here it was looking lush and green, growing in full shade as an understory under some ferns.

Libertia paniculata in a low clumping grass getting to about 40cm to 60cm high and the same wide, it can spread by rhizome or seed quite easily, its flowers quite prolifically with these pretty white miniature orchid like flower spikes.

However it does like fairly constant moisture and I have had it turn its toes up after extended periods of humid heat. Looks great mass planted and with other shade loving grasses like Lomandra hystrix and Moraea robinsoniana, so if you have a shady spot that needs a lift its worth a try.


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