This is still one of my favourite native shrubs for growing in dry shade or part sun,  Leionema ‘Green Screen’ is a hybrid of L. elatius and L. lamprophyllum, and is an extremely useful plant!

In the image above you can see its mature habit, thick and bushy and dense with flowers in mid to late winter.

Leionema ‘Green Screen’ grows to approximately 1.5 to 2 metres high and the same wide, it has a naturally dense habit but an annual prune will help to keep it looking luscious.

In the image above you can see the way it branches all the way to the ground, these specimens were growing underneath large established Ironbarks with other shade tolerant species like the Grevillea ‘Scarlet Sprite’ on the left.

The leaves are fragrant and the flowers attract bees and butterflies, the flowers also last for a week cut in a vase, whats not to love?


4 responses to “Shade loving Leionema ‘Green Screen’”

  1. Katie Bors

    Hello, I am looking for Leionema ‘Green Screen’ at native nurseries around Sydney, but no one seems to know of it! Where do you source it?
    Many thanks, Katie

    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Katie,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. Try calling Sydney Wildflower Nursery in Heathcote. They might have it or know where you might find some stock.


  2. Chrisoula Kanaris

    Chris Kana
    Does Green Screen also attract the smaller birds?
    I am eager to attract the smaller birds rather than the noisy minors


    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Chris,

      The smaller flowers on Leionema mean it tends to attract more insects and insect-eating birds rather than honeyeaters like the noisy miners. So yes, it will attract smaller birds, and the dense habit of the bush can also be shelter for them.

      All the best,

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