Purple Shades: Anigozanthos ‘Landscape Violet’

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The subtle purple shades in Anigozanthos ‘Landscape Violet’ are quite striking when on mass, the flowers on purple stems open to reveal bright orange and yellows on the inside adding even more contrast.
Anigozanthos ‘Landscape Violet’ is part of Angus Stewart’s tall and tough series of Kangaroo paws, he has bred up some great colours in the taller Anigozanthos flavidus species that are hardy and showy.

Anigozanthos ‘Landscape Violet’ grows to become a large weeping grassy clump with 2 metre high flower spikes on top in spring through to summer.

Like all Kangaroo Paws it enjoys an open sunny position in a free draining soil as they will suffer from ink spot if the root zone becomes to damp.

Anigozanthos ‘Landscape Violet’ looks great planted on mass or as a feature by itself I also really love it combined with a large red Kangaroo paw.

The large species of Anigozanthos benefit from a harsh prune after flowering y cutting the whole grass head back almost to ground level. If you want to prolong the flowering period it is a good idea to cut spent flower stems down to the lowest point in the crown you can access. Anigozanthos ‘Landscape Violet’ is a gentle purple but I find the colour surprisingly striking in a garden bed. Give it a go!


18 responses to “Purple Shades: Anigozanthos ‘Landscape Violet’”

  1. Nick

    Hi there Kath,

    Any ideas on where we can source these either in Melbourne where I am or elsewhere?


    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Nick,

      You could try Kuranga Nursery in Mt Eveyln or https://www.instagram.com/nativehomehouseofplants/ in Abbortsford, or I think Angus is selling them on his website : https://www.gardeningwithangus.com.au/product-category/plants/affordable-tubes/

      Best Wishes,


  2. Trish

    Love the lilac kangaroo paw but can’t find where I can get them ….any suggestions as to where they are available


    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Trish,

      Whereabouts do you live?



  3. Pauline

    Hi, any idea where I can get these in Perth, WA?

    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Pauline,

      Have you tried http://www.zanthorrea.com nursery?

      Best Wishes,


    2. Nathan Chisholm

      Did you get some? Bunnings in Perth has them…

  4. Hi Kath, do you know a supplier around Sydney or online where I could find these? Thanks!

    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Sue,

      You should be able to source them from Sydney Wildflower Nursery in Heathcote, 95482818,

      Best Wishes,


  5. Hayley L Meaden

    Hi there do you have any idea of where I can buy these in Brisbane?

    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Hayley,

      You should be able to purchase this Anigozanthos from a nursery who is attending the QLD Garden Expo, I was there last year and the selection and range of native plants was excellent!

      Best Wishes,


  6. Stephanie

    Hi, Does anyone have one of these and is selling the seeds? Email me heslopstephanie@gmail.com

  7. Sarah

    Hi, any suggestions of nurseries in Adelaide or online, seeds or plant?
    thanks in advance, Sarah

    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Sarah,

      You could try contacting native plant wholesalers who are based in SA to see if they grow it and who their suppliers are (https://www.nativeplantwholesalers.com.au/). I thought Angus Stewart used to sell it through his website but can’t find it there anymore unfortunately.!


  8. Jorji Gardener

    Also looking for this cultivar… In SA, but happy to buy online if possible… Cheers Jorji

    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Jorji,

      As mentioned above you could try contacting native plant wholesalers who are based in SA to see if they grow it and who their suppliers are (https://www.nativeplantwholesalers.com.au/). I am not aware of any online sellers,


  9. Sharon

    I am looking for this also. Is there a supplier in Melbourne. I have tried Kuranga.

    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Sharon,

      You may need to buy it from a nursery which does a mail order service like Sydney Wildflower Nursery 02 9548 2818.
      Good Luck,


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