My, my look how things have grown 🙂 this garden has completely filled out and become the luscious, illawarra escarpment semi-rainforest garden it was always meant to be!

In the image above you can see the turf paver area is now a native lawn of Dichondra repens and Basket Grass, the Gum Vine is spilled over the sandstone retaining wall and the Indigofera australis is covering the fence.

Take a look at the progress in a previous post 2 years ago…

Portfolio: Garden Design Mount Keira

The recycled sleeper driveway is settling nicely into the landscape and looking like the bush bridge over the creek as intended.

The planting on either side of the driveway adjoining the road has really taken off too, this was planted last and is located in the sunnier part of the garden where previously everything planted was washed away in heavy down pours.

The rock work and weeding carried out in the creek itself has also been quite successful, it was once choked with Pollia and now is stabilised with large rocks and native grasses.

The street address of this property has been improved immensely and the two Hibiscus splendent are doing a wonderful job of catching the eye whilst hiding the house from the street.

The garden is a testament and showcase to how wonderful Wollongong’s indigenous native plants are, and I hope it will encourage the use of these species in more residential gardens.



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