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This is a ‘work in progress’ garden that I visit from time to time, it is being built by the owners and is a labour of love. The garden backs onto a nature reserve that is in pristine condition, the rear fence has had every 2nd paling taken out to try and use the bush as a backdrop. At some stage in the future the fence will be either pulled down or replaced with something even more invisible.
However, I am getting ahead of myself, even though this garden has only just begun and the plants that are in are very small I wanted to share some images of the Sandstone stone work and the Decomposed Crushed Granite.


Isn’t it beautiful? Haven’t they done a great job? This is Deco Gold and it is just stunning with the sandstone. When I first visited the garden it was an uneven cliff face that was mainly used for rock hopping for the kids. As the rocky slope takes up more than half the rear yard a large terrace of Crushed Decomposed Granite has been created with enough space for outdoor dinning and a fire pit.

P1120258More retaining walls and garden beds are being created and the granite is being used as a mulch with the plants being planted directly into the landscapes surface, so no garden edge needed. Plants are also being tacked into some of the Sandstone crevices and being grown as spill-over down the walls and boulders.

P1120262The planting palette is a combination of local species ground growing behind in the reserve like: Ozothamnus diosmifolius, Banksia ericifolia and Darwinia taxifolia and other coastal favourites like Rhagodia spinescens, Adenanthos sericeus, and Casuarina Nana.
I hope to have some photos soon of how these plants are settling in and I can’t wait for my next consult on this garden when we will begin to work on the front!


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