Westringia spheres

This is a rather striking entrance garden planted in front of a picket fence, right next to the footpath. There is a row of Westringia spheres followed by the contrasting soft weeping habit of Leptospermum ‘Pink Cascade’, it works so well. It give the more private garden behind the fence a sense of intrigue and also addresses the street giving passersby something to look at and a hint of what may lay inside.

In the past I haven’t been too keen on severe formal style pruning into sphere shapes, but I am coming around, especially when it is only one plant that has been treated that way within a garden bed. Westringia ‘Zena’ seen here clips well, this is a shady spot and both plants are filling out nicely. I will definitely be experimenting more with clipped Westringia spheres in the future.


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