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This is a garden that I designed back in 2011 and recently revisited to re-tweek some difficult spots and increase the planting area.
The rear garden is very steep and has been terraced with sandstone retaining walls, the furthest section of the garden is in heavy shade and was suffering from erosion. There is a magnificent Eucalyptus tree in the centre of the garden which dominates the planting.

Originally the garden had a chook pen which has been dismantled, therefore making room for more plants.

P1090204The sandstone retaining walls are flawless,created by someone with a lot of talent and eye for detail, the aim of the garden design was to suppress weeds, add colour, entice wildlife and soften the retaining walls. Above you can see Telopea ‘Shady Lady Red’, Grevillea ‘Lady O’ and Correa ‘Dusky Bells’ in the fore ground.


The lowest retaining wall which is viewed from the kitchen and living below will have spill over of Grevillea obtusifolia (above), Acacia baileyana prostrate and Banksia ‘Roller Coaster’.

P1090216There was a lot of Clivia that was removed this time around and replaced with Moraea robinsoniana which will hide some of the steep embankment and also spill over the rock edge. Above you can also see a mixed planting of Austromyrtus dulcis with Libertia paniculata and another Warratah. I love being involved with these gardens over time and seeing how they grow and develop with the owners, makes me feel very lucky.



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