Another Native Christmas Tree? Graptophyllum excelsum

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Do you think this qualifies as festive looking? It is covered in beautiful bright red flowers over summer (and Christmas), lovely glossy green leaves, and has a sibling called a Holly, I think it ticks all the boxes. This is Graptophyllum excelsum, and would look pretty good dressed up in tinsel.

Look at all that flower, it lasts for months! The common name is Scarlet Fuchsia, very fitting, it comes from northern QLD. Honeyeaters adore the sweet nectar from these beautiful flower heads. Even though its native home is in the tropics it will grow happily in the Sydney region and even further south as it is moderately frost tolerant.

P1070793Graptophyllum excelsum makes a fantastic hedge or screening plant it gets to about 3 metres high and about 1 to 1.5 metres wide, likes a moist rich soil in full sun to part shade. Why not give it a try and bring some bright summer flowers to your garden for Christmas?



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  1. Noel Hall

    Yes is a great little shrub I grow in the SW suburbs of Brisbane quite cool in winter down to 2 deg cel and mine is flowering now in late August completely covered in these scarlet fuchsia like flowers.

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