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  • The Beautiful Gardens of Zanthorrea Nursery

    The Beautiful Gardens of Zanthorrea Nursery

    I set aside a morning to visit the Zanthorrea Nursery when I was in Western Australia last August. This was a much anticipated adventure as I have heard much about the nursery and often have recommended it to Western Australians looking for native plants. I was not disappointed, it is a wonderful place, full of…

  • Portfolio: Garden Design Lillyfield

    Portfolio: Garden Design Lillyfield

    Thanks so much for our garden Kath, we love it! I love this garden too! I love its quirky, modern feel where details are appreciated, the client pushed me to think out of the box more than I normally do. This is a small garden by suburban standards but large by inner city ones. It…

  • Portfolio: Leichhardt Garden Design

    Portfolio: Leichhardt Garden Design

    This garden was finished yesterday (Hoooray!) except for three plants I am still waiting for to complete the front, then it will be something else front and back. This small terrace was renovated a year ago and after a much protracted waiting period for clean up we were able to start work on the garden…

  • Portfolio: Greenwich Garden Design

    Portfolio: Greenwich Garden Design

    This is a garden that I designed back in 2011 and recently revisited to re-tweek some difficult spots and increase the planting area. The rear garden is very steep and has been terraced with sandstone retaining walls, the furthest section of the garden is in heavy shade and was suffering from erosion. There is a…

  • Buttery Blueberry Bush Tucker: Austromyrtus dulcis

    Buttery Blueberry Bush Tucker: Austromyrtus dulcis

    Buttery Blueberries is what I think the flavour of the Midyim Berry is, by far the most delicious of the bush tucker I have tried, and also one of the easiest to grow! I have half a dozen plants in my garden and although they are small they are surprisingly productive.