Yesterday I spent a sunny winter morning pruning and shaping in this coastal garden in Bulli, I love returning to one of my designs to do a little maintenance and tweaking, and this is one of my favourites 😉
This garden is roughly 4 years old you can see how it has filled out by checking out this older post :


























Usually I do a basic tip prune on the Westringia, Eremophila and Grevilleas, to keep them nice and dense but to also help them withstand the strong coastal winds in this garden.

I also dead head and cut back the Anigozanthos, this time I also pruned the Eucalyptus ‘Wildfire’ by taking off all the gum nuts and cleaned out underneath the Acacia ‘Mini Cog’ some of which were suffering from scale.
I have never seen such a happy Acacia ‘Mini Cog’ as the one in the image above, it is almost 2 metres wide and creeps beautiful along the ground.


The other shrubs I am very happy with are the Eremophila nivea Grafted, there are 3 of them in this front garden and they all are extremely happy and full. I am pleased that they cope with the strong winds even though they are grafted, I’m sure that the regular pruning helps.

One of the most important plants in this front garden is a Eucalyptus ‘Euky Dwarf’, it has been planted in a prime position to partially shield the two storey house from the corner aspect. But also to help protect the building from the hot Western Summer Sun and it is beginning to do its job, you can see it in the image below behind the fence.

Eucalyptus ‘Euky Dwarf’ covers itself in small pinky-red flowers in spring through Summer, these blooms are great for small birds and bees.

Eucalyptus ‘Euky Dwarf’ also has an attractive mottled bark on the trunk and grey green weeping leaves, it will grow to approximately 7 metres high and around 3 metres wide, its a wonderful medium sized feature tree.

Another star performer in this garden is the Grevillea ‘Peaches and Cream’ hedge, which hasn’t missed a beat, it has flowered continuously even though in part shade and high wind.


One of the things I love about this garden is how open it is to the street, there are no fences to the most of the garden and it appears welcoming to the passerby.

The rear garden is mainly hedges and lawn which it all going well, another favourite area of mine is the outdoor shower garden around the side.

This garden gets very little direct sun and has a simple planting with an under-storey of Rhagodia spinescens and Ficinia nodosa and one Banksia ‘Sentinel’ to provide a little privacy to shower behind.


So keep growing garden and I look forward to seeing you again next year!


5 responses to “Portfolio: Garden Design Bulli”

  1. Nicolee

    The peaches and cream hedge is amazing! How often does it get pruned so it doesn’t look leggy?

    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Nicole,

      This Grevillea ‘Peaches and Cream’ hedge is pruned regularly at least twice a year,

      Best Wishes,


      1. Nicolee

        Thank you!

  2. Stephen Ceccato

    How well would that banksia sentinel grow on the fence line on the southern shady side of the house. Eg full sun in summer and shade in winter.

    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Stephen,

      Yes Banksia ‘Sentinel’ will be happy to grow in Summer sun with Winter shade, however it may affect its flowering as it flowers in Winter.

      Best Wishes,


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