I went walking in Bouddi National Park

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I went walking last week along the stunning coastal track in Bouddi National Park, and was blown away by the winter flowers in the bush. The track winds along the sandstone cliffs, dipping into moist forest and creeks providing a varied glimpse of the different plant communities in the Bouddi National Park.

This blog post is basically just photos of some of the plants that caught my eye and I have managed to ID, the images above are of a coastal form of Grevillea sericea.

This little spiky ground cover is Astroloma pinifolium, a dense low growing pine leaved native to the coast of New South Wales, and Victoria.

It loves a well drained sandy soil in part to full sun, the little tubular flowers appear from Winter through to Summer and leave a small fruit.

Here is another native with showy tubular flowers in Winter, a species of Styphelia … possibly viridis but not totally sure. It grows to be a small to medium dense shrub.

The flowers were quite prolific and the shrub was growing as an understory under larger Banksia and Eucalypts.

One of my favourites which I have written about before Pomaderris lanigera, the tiny little flowers starting to open.

In this image you can see how hardy it truly is, growing on this exposed coastal headland flowering happily away 😉

The Eriostemon australasica was just starting to flowerthe pink form, everywhere! Just so pretty and delicate!

The Crowea was competing with the Eriostemon with verve, growing low due to the wind and often in heavy shade but still flowering away.

And last but not least Woollsia pungens flowering from pink through to white on the one plant, the bees were going crazy over this one and the honey scent was pungent.

It really does appear that spring has come early to the Central Coast and I can only see that this part of the bush will become more prolifically floriferus than ever!


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