Good Old Native Daisy: Brachyscome multifida

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Brachyscomes are one of those native plants that have multiple uses in a garden, they brighten up a dull corner, keep weeds at bay with their dense mounding habit and add interest and contrast to a layered mixed planting. They are easy to care for and will perform under many different conditions.



They are sometimes called rock daises and you can see why in the image above, they will grow happily in quite shallow soil and are pretty drought proof, though if you want them to look good year round a little TLC doesn’t go astray. Lightly prune them twice a year to avoid them getting leggy and developing bald patches.


Other pros of this native daisy are the butterflies and other insect life it attracts. Insectivorous birds will thankful for this too.

Brachyscome multifida come in many different hybrids where leaf shape and flower colour and size vary, the images in this post are of the straight species. They grow in part shade to full sun and are tolerant of light frost and strong winds.


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