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  • Tugarah Gunya’marri: Cold and Windy

    Tugarah Gunya’marri: Cold and Windy

    During the Tugarah Gunya’marri the days are getting noticeably longer, but the weather is still cold. Then with the blooming of the Marrai’uo (Acacia floribunda) comes the cold, southwesterly winds; the children become cranky and the adults become bad-tempered. It is not a good time of year for anyone. Frances Bodkin ‘D’harawal: Climate and Natural…

  • Good Old Native Daisy: Brachyscome multifida

    Good Old Native Daisy: Brachyscome multifida

    Brachyscomes are one of those native plants that have multiple uses in a garden, they brighten up a dull corner, keep weeds at bay with their dense mounding habit and add interest and contrast to a layered mixed planting. They are easy to care for and will perform under many different conditions.   They are…

  • Keith’s Garden

    Keith’s Garden

    This is my friend Keith’s native front garden in Bulli, I have wanted to take photos of this garden for a long time and on a recent visit finally remembered my camera. Phew! I had to snap quickly as the sun was setting and the mozzies were out. The garden is located on the escarpment…

  • Daisies make me happy 2

    Daisies make me happy 2

    This is the second instalment of my ode to native daisies, there are too many types and cvs. to choose from so I have grouped these together as they are more of a ground cover with a smaller flower. They are beautiful mixed together planted as a native meadow.