A true carpeting ground cover: Pratia pedunculata

This is a native ground cover which sometimes gets classed as a steppable (not a real word ;)), meaning it works well between steppers and pavers and can be walked on occasionally without too much fuss. I like to use it mixed with other low growing ground covers like Dichondra and native violet to get a mix of colour and texture but it can also look quite stunning mass planted.

Pratia pedunculata

Pratia looks great growing over rocks and gravel and works well in a minimal Japanese style garden.

Pratia pedunculata

It grows by rhizome so therefore spreads easily into nooks and crannies, make it an excellent choice for steep sites and embankments. However, this also gives it the capability to possibly spread into areas where it is not wanted.

Pratia pedunculata

Pratia pedunculata likes a moist well drained soil but can withstand short periods of dryness and temporary inundation.

Pratia pedunculata

The tiny star like flowers appear in Spring and can last for 6 months or so as long as it is getting adequate sun. The dense matt forming leaves stay low, hugging the ground. This ground cover is best bought in a tile, which can then be divided up into smaller plants which can be squeezed into tight corners or wedged between pavers. It doesn’t like drying out completely so keep the water up to it over extended dry periods.

3 replies on “A true carpeting ground cover: Pratia pedunculata”

  1. Meg on

    We have recently relocated to Wollongong along with whatever native plants we could bring with us, including this beautiful ground cover which is next in the queue for planting out in our new hillside garden.

    Lovely to see your photos displaying exactly what we are hoping ours will one day look like.

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Pauline Quince on

    Would this plant not flourish in the Wollongong heat?
    I have just bought one for the English weather

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