Two favourite floating water plants: Nymphiodes geminata & Marsilea drummondii

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I love to include water in my Landscapes, whether in the form of a frog pond, fish pond, water bowl or fountain. One of the reasons for my love of water in the garden is it not only attracts wildlife but it can give you a chance to try growing aquatic plants. If you are including water in your garden for fish or frogs you need to supply a water plant which floats on the surface of the water for them to hide under.

Nymphiodes geminata

Nymphiodes is a native water lily with miniature lily pad like leaves which float on the surface of the water, offering protection to frogs and fish from carnivorous birdlife. This native water plant flowers in from Spring through Summer, fluffy yellow flowers in a starlike formation will attracts bees and native insects.

Marsilea drummondii

I love Hairy Nardoo or Marsilea drummondii for its four leaf clover leaves which float delicately on the surface of the water. The new growth sometimes sprouting up on new stems before sinking down to water level to float. Marsilea drummondii leaves also close at night or on overcast days and the small node at the base of the stem is and edible bush food.

Nymphoides geminata

So why not try these decorative floating native water plants? they look great planted in a water bowl, all you need is a bowl the depth of the pot, about 200mm, then you just drop the pot in the water and away they go?


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