Portfolio: Garden Design Mount Keira


Last Friday I completed the first stage of planting for this local project I have been working on in Mt Keira this year. I have written about this garden already as it is a very interesting brief, using only local Read more ›

Myoporum Lawn: Myoporum parvifolium


I dislike lawn, not the idea of it but the maintenance aspect; mowing and edging, weeding and watering, fertilising and aerating, all this for a bit of green open space. I do like the idea of ‘green open space’¬†where you Read more ›

Hot Candy!


This is my favourite Brachyscome at the moment, not for its tacky name (where do they get them from???), but for its running habit and thick leaf. Brachsyscome ‘Hot Candy’ is seen here growing in part shade and still flowering Read more ›

Weed suppression with ground covers


Here are a few ground covers that can go absolutely rampant but in a great way! The first one is Kennedia rubicunda growing as a bit of a spill over to cover up an embankment. This will grow in quite Read more ›

Carpeting groundcover


Myopororum parvifolium is seen here as a layered dense ground cover planted on mass that is also a spill over. Here it is also working as a lawn substitute, and would be lovely to play or lay on. Read more ›