Australian Plant Society Open Gardens: Collins Garden Gymea

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This garden was at the end of my garden visiting trail, the kids were getting grotty and I was beginning to think we should just head home. However persevering paid off, as soon as my son and I entered the garden we were welcomed by a small person announcing “Come in and see my granny’s garden!’My boy was whisked away and given a private kids tour, which included picking the bark off the splendid Old Man Banksia (which is bright red underneath those knobbly bits), seen in the above photo. Leaving me to take photos!

P1070511The rear of the garden had a wonderful natural rock shelf that has been lovingly restored and planted out with natives. There is a path taking you onto the different levels and then down again, perfect for little explorers. Here you can see the almost horizontal branches of the Banksia serrata, the real feature of the garden, and the path leading up to it with Prostanthera incisa on the right and Doryanthes excelsa on the top, underplanted with Dianella and Viola hederacea.

P1070516Delicate flowers of the mint bush with highly fragrant foliage.

P1070533The pathway through the garden was edged and planted with Microlaena stipoides with beautiful effect, giving a soft edging and suppressing weeds. This is the best example I have seen of Microlaena as a grass/lawn substitute, it appears to be handling traffic well and spreading quite naturally.

P1070526A peaceful resting place.

P1070525Here is the view from the top of the garden on top of the Sandstone rock shelf, where I discovered some very happy chooks. Here you can see Omalanthus populensis in the centre and some very large Doryanthes excelsa, one with flower spike.

P1070510And of course a rock garden in Sydney wouldn’t be complete without a Dendrobium specious in full flower!
For me this garden was relaxed and playful, a little oasis of bush in the suburbs, thanks for letting us visit.


2 responses to “Australian Plant Society Open Gardens: Collins Garden Gymea”

  1. Lori Mohan

    I travelled in Italy for a month with Joan and never dreamed she had the marvellous green fingers that are so obvious here well done Joan and family,not to forget the little helper

  2. Betty Heaney

    Joan, Master Gardner. Beautiful, exquisite garden. Loved being there with you and your family. Hope to see it again soon,

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