Spectacular: Eucalyptus erythrocorys

I almost feel like writing no text necessary next to these images of Eucalyptus erythrocorys, this truly has to be one of the most wonderful eucalyptus flowers in the Australia! those colours, can it get any better? This specimen is growing on a north facing mound in my mum’s garden in Wollongong, it was a little bit of an experiment to try to grow it here in NSW, so far so good!

This Eucalyptus erythrocorys has been in for about 2 years, it struggled with scale at first but now is standing about 3 metres tall with a pretty strong trunk and a crown full of flowers.

The bark is creamy with a few rough patches of loose brown bark, this species falls into the Mallee category of Eucalypts and is from Western Australia, the form commonly grown in Perth grows to a small tree about 4 m high.

The bright yellow flowers are preceded by rectangular shiny red buds and are followed by striking large helmet-shaped fruits. The pretty green sickle shaped leaves give an extra colour contrast making the whole tree pop with contrast, I love it!

I would love to see more people giving this Mallee Euc a chance in their garden or on the street, it is not too fussy and puts on such a wonderful show in Summer and Autumn.


One thought on “Spectacular: Eucalyptus erythrocorys

  1. heather izzard on

    I have 6 successful seedlings growing from seed I picked off a tree inAdelaide 8months ago.
    They are all approximately 6inches high and doing well on a south facing window sill.
    I live in NW England and plan to grow them into ‘air pots’ and hopefully plant one in the garden when they’re about 1metre tall.
    I have a 2 metre tall Avacado tree with 5branches in my garden room so hopefully I can keep the Eucalyptus’s growing on.
    Wonder what my chances are?

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