The many colours of Eucalyptus ficifolia grafted


I have been taking photos of grafted flowering gums for the last 10 years and have been meaning to make a colour comparison between some of my favourites. It can be very confusing deciphering the different pinks and reds, not to mention the size variance and habits, so here goes….

This is Eucalyptus ‘Summer Red’ or Corymbia ficifolia x ptychocarpa ‘Summer Red’ Grafted and is my favourite grafted red flowering gum.

The large, long leaves give the tree a soft almost weeping habit which will hang to the ground unless pruned to a clean trunk. Summer Red grows to approximately 6 metres high x 3 metres wide.

My next favourite Summer Series is Eucalyptus ‘Summer Glory’ Grafted, this is a deep pink that grows to the same dimensions as ‘Summer Red’ and also is crossed with Eucalyptus ptychocarpa.

The last in the 3 Summer Sisters is ‘Summer Beauty’ a pale pink flower with the same luscious large leaves and growth habit.

The other two sampler grafted ficifolia dwarf species that I really like are ‘Dwarf Red’ as seen below.

and ‘Dwarf Orange’….

Both of these are supposed to only grow to 3 metres, give or take a metre here or there.

They have a slightly different habit to the ‘Summer’ series grafted gums in that they have a smaller leaf and a more upright habit. Anyway hope this information has been useful to someone when making their grafted dwarf Eucalyptus choice.



5 responses to “The many colours of Eucalyptus ficifolia grafted”

  1. Venkat ram reddy

    I want plants is there any supplir in India pl inform

  2. Mellissa L

    Great share – thank you! Especially the mature tree pictures which are hard to come by! My Summer Red’s have taken 2 years to grow to 2 metre’s (in Brisbane) but they seem to growing a little faster now after a good rain season. I think the summer we had 2 years ago (2019) was tough on them when they were young. I cannot wait for them to mature 🙂

  3. Russell O’Sullivan

    Hi there,
    How many different colours do the corymbias come in?
    White, pink, orange, deep red, summer red
    What else as I am very interested
    Russell O’Sullivan

    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Russell,

      I think you’ve listed them all there! I don’t know of any other colours…

      All the best,

    2. Squid

      They come in heaps of variations of those colours however. Ie inner pink cup with white flowers etc.

      Also many of the flower pods have differing colours too, so there are varieties that contrast and varieties that match the flower colour. So pink is not just pink.

      Happy hunting

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