Some like it hot! Buckinghamia celsissima

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All this hot weather has certainly been of benefit to the Ivory Curl trees in and around Sydney, they are blooming themselves silly! This photos in this blog post are of a specimen in my mums garden in Wollongong, the scent is intoxicating and the bees are having a major harvest.

Buckinghamia celsissima or Ivory Curl Tree makes a beautiful garden specimen feature tree, it grows to between 7 and 7 metres tall and has a dense bushy habit, created by its large luscious green leaves. I have written a about this species before here.

In the image above I have managed to capture some of the bees feeding on the nectar rich flowers. Honey eaters and insectivorous birds are also attracted to this tree.

Buckinghamia celsissima requires a rich, well drained soil and flowers best in full sun, it will grow in heavy to part shade, however the flowers will be limited, and lets face it this is the main reason to grow this super showy small tree!

Honeyeaters and insects are attracted to the nectar rich flowers, Insectivorous birds feed on the insects attracted to the plant.


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