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  • What a Summer for Corymbia ficifolia!

    What a Summer for Corymbia ficifolia!

    This Summer of 2023 – 2024 has been extremely kind to out flowering gums, enabling them to put on a prolific show Australia wide. I’m not sure what has made them so happy, it could be adequate moisture whilst they are budding up or enough heat in the sun to make the blooms pop, whatever…

  • Pittosporum revolutum and its eye catching fruit

    Pittosporum revolutum and its eye catching fruit

    This is Pittosporum revolutum, a medium shrub with jasmine-scented blossoms which flowers profusley in Spring and then is covered in decorative fruit in Autumn. When flowering the scent permeates the whole garden and is often commented on by visitors. In the bush it grows as an understory plant and often gets quite leggy, but pruning…

  • Spectacular: Eucalyptus erythrocorys

    Spectacular: Eucalyptus erythrocorys

    I almost feel like writing no text necessary next to these images of¬†Eucalyptus erythrocorys, this truly has to be one of the¬†most wonderful eucalyptus flowers in the Australia! those colours, can it get any better? This specimen is growing on a north facing mound in my mum’s garden in Wollongong, it was a little bit…

  • Wonderful West Australian Mallees

    Wonderful West Australian Mallees

    I love Mallees, obviously hence my business name, and Western Australia has an amazing array of these characteristic Eucalypts. As part of my recent trip to WA I stayed in an area called Dryandra, a short drive south east of Perth. We stayed in the Dryandra Forest and within this area there was the iconic…

  • Indigenous Eclectic Garden

    Indigenous Eclectic Garden

    This is a very, very special garden that I visited last year, from the moment I walked in, the space spoke to me. It is private and secluded and quite small, but jam packed with Illawarra indigenous species.