Soft, Luscious Screen: Acacia fimbriata Dwarf

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Acacia fimbriata Dwarf has a puffy sort of look to it from a distance, it is a full bushy shrub with a cloud-like texture. One of the most useful plants that I use in a landscape, as it has enough interest to stand on its own by contrasting with other foliage and form around it yet it also works planted as a screen or a backdrop for other feature plants.


The bronze new growth adds year round interest as it never seems to stop growing, above you can see it on the left planted with Correas and Philotheca.



Acacia fimbriata Dwarf grows to about 2 metres high by 2 metres wide and is quick growing and rarely needs pruning. It has small pale yellow strongly scented spike flowers in late Autumn and Winter.
In the image below it is being used as a medium sized screening hedge, a bronze backdrop for lower hedges and border plants.



Acacia fimbriata Dwarf also has the added bonus of being able to grow in part sun, I have it planted in my garden on the eastern side of a high fence, therefore it only gets morning sun, and it is flourishing.



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