I accidentally visited the Heide Museum of Modern Art last month, WOW it was a pretty wonderful accident! They have the most beautiful sculpture gardens, which are expansive and great for kids. The art Gallery itself is also an impressive building surrounded in native gardens with a bit of an edge. I saw this wonderful use of Eucalyptus ‘Silver Princess’ outside the entrance, it has been essentially espaliered against the black wall, which is such a great way to deal with it, as it is incredibly naturally weeping but also very weak and needs heavy staking for the first few years anyway. Very clever!


The foreground planting to these stunning feature trees consists of dwarf Kangaroo paws (which grow much better in Melbourne than here!), Eremophila glabra prostrate, Xanthorrhoea and Themeda ‘Quokka’ (which I love).
The combination of foliage colours in the planting is diverse, meaning there is always interest, the other thing that really works is the way the old Anigozanthos flower heads have been left and are a similar brown to the Themda seed heads, and looking quite decorative.


3 responses to “Eucalyptus ‘Silver Princess’ at Heide”

  1. Susan Warren

    Gorgeous, my mother is on the Leongatha cemetery trust, and has a new raised garden double kidney shape. They’ve got some rocks and asked for my ideas only just as a keen gardener. But I had come up with planting 3 silver princess ecucalptus and wondered if you recommend they could be planted in a trio, mirroring each high side. With some striking underplanting. I had thought of the burgundy shiraz for foliage, maybe dwarf kangaroo yellow paws and I like the idea of silver foliage. Your thoughts would be fantastic as I love the picture of the garden at the Museum. This garden being in the cemetery is open and in full sun,
    Regards Susan

    1. Kath Gadd

      Hi Susan,

      Yes you could plant silver princess in a trio if you have the space, I would give about 3m between them in most open planting settings. It sounds like you’ve got some good ideas for colour contrast (silver, burgundy and yellow is certainly a striking combo) – and enjoy bringing the new garden bed together 🙂

      All the best,
      Hannah and Kath

  2. neeta

    what is burgundy shiraz? I love the silver princess this way.

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