Prune me! I am Eucalyptus pulverulenta!

This is without a doubt one of my favourite small Mallee Eucalypts, it is a very malleable mallee ūüėČ it responds so well to pruning that if you don’t prune it you are almost doing the plant a disservice.
These photos were taken at the Arboretum in Canberra where there is a stand of¬†Eucalyptus pulverulenta ‘Baby Blue’ on either side of the main building which are regularly lopped. This simulates what they do in the cut flower or foliage industry and this Eucalypt just loves it.

In the image above you can see the lopped trunks and branches re-shooting but also the plant is stimulated to shoot from the base.

The new growth of Eucalyptus pulverulenta tends to be quite striking in the way it grows horizontal giving it a wonderful sculptural element to the garden, I love the simple palette here with the fine grey leaved Lomandra understorey.

If you choose not to prune this species it will still look wonderful just in a different way, in the image below you can see it allowed to spread out its branches naturally.

I have blogged about this species before and you can see more images of it here 

So of course it is all about personal taste when you are maintaining your native garden but I think this is such a fun species to play with and so forgiving when pruned that I would say go for it! It is very satisfying watching those new shoots spring from the clear trunk.

17 replies on “Prune me! I am Eucalyptus pulverulenta!”

  1. Kirsti on

    Photos look fantastic. Is baby blue a dwarf variety or is there only one type pulverulenta?
    Confused from information on various sites.

  2. Kanako Wong on

    I’m looking for baby blue tree I can buy in NSW.
    Do you sell it?
    Or do you know where I can buy ?
    I researched online but every shop say ‚Äúout of stock‚ÄĚ…
    Your tree is looking amazing!!

    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Kanako,

      Sydney Wildflower Nursery has them in stock, give them a call 9548 2818,

      Best Wishes,


  3. Jaime on

    Hi, I am planning to plant one near my cupressus semperivens, 1.2metres spacing. Does this variety has aggresive roots as ,it happens with common eucalyptus?

    Many thanks!

    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Jaime,

      I would try to position it further away than 1.2 metres, as it has quite a spreading habit and needs more room to achieve its stunning shape. The root system is not particularly aggressive compared to other larger Eucalyptus species.

      Best Wishes,


  4. Jules on

    Hi Kath

    Great pics! I like the soft and simple grassy underplanting. Do you know what it is?



    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Jules,

      It is a Lomandra cultivar, my guess would be something like ‘Mist’ or ‘Shara’.
      Best Wishes,


      • Jy on

        Hi Kath! If I were to plant the baby blues in my front garden, how much spacing should I leave between them? Also, do you do a heavy prune to create the long straight branches close to the ground? Or are they actually two trees in a small spot? Love your site btw.

        • Kath Gadd on

          Hi Jy,

          The Eucalyptus should grow the horizontal low growing branches naturally by themselves. I would space them 5 metres apart if you want to see thier unusual habit and 2 metres apart if you are trying to make a screening hedge.



          • JY on

            Thanks Kath! ive planted them 2m apart. but i would love to create the thick trunk and minimal branches off the main couple of trunk look like in the 2nd photo on this page. How would you recommend the pruning regime to be like? The side branches are starting to overtake horizontal space and i am not sure if i should cut them off.

          • Kath Gadd on

            Hi Jy,

            This Euc does love a prune so you can take off side branches that have formed in places where you no longer want them. If you want an affect like the second photo take off all the branches except those near the top.

            Happy pruning,

  5. Jordan Lanz on

    Is it possible to keep this eucalyptus trimmed back to keep it small as a bush or very small tree?

    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Jordan,

      The cultivar Eucalyptus pulverulenta ‘Baby Blue’ can be within 3m x 3m with regular pruning but I think it would be hard to keep it any smaller than that as a small tree.

      Best of luck,

  6. Rachael on

    Hi Kath,
    You have helped me identify these stunning trees at the Arboretum.
    I am aiming to pop one in our front garden – when would you lop the top off to get the desired sculptural shape?
    Thanks for the photos and information!

    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Rachael,

      After it flowers or in Autumn are the best times to prune.

      All the best,

  7. Graham on

    Hi Kath. Is it necessary to train one of the horizontal branches on my little Baby Blue to create a trunk, or will it just do that by itself? I want a mop top look with a defined trunk.

    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Graham,

      A trunk should form naturally. To create a ‘mop top’ look just continue to prune off the lower branches as it grows.

      All the best,

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