Native Plants for Pots and Containers

There are so many native plants that will grow well in a container or pot.
This is of course the iconic Sturt Desert Pea, Swansonia formosa, these can now be found grafted, making them a little bit hardier for us east coast gardeners.
These are a few I have seen lately, when a plant is growing in a container I like for there to be a little spill over or for it to have a weeping habit, it covers the pot and also means that some difficult to grow things that don’t like humidity get the air flow they need around their foliage.

P1060055Above is a pot of super happy Goodenia ‘Gold Cover’, covered in flowers for most of the year.

P1060222Or you can combine a spill over plant with height, as seen here with Persoonia chamaepitys and Thyrptomene behind.

P1060011This is one of my favourites Acacica ‘Bushwalk Baby’, the foliqge of pravissima is a beautiful grey green with a spiral leaf arrangement.

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  1. Emma Westcott on

    Awesome pics, and helpful to me working at Redbreast Plants where I get asked a lot “what grows in pots?”.
    How do you keep the plants looking so great? Fertiliser? Soil conditioner?
    Cheers, Emma 🙂

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